I start packing my bag……

The nappies, babywipes & the babybel & small pack of raisins are getting thrown aside for MY lipstick, MY money for MY juice (wine!) and MY phone that I will SnapChat my my pretty butterfly princess filter believing for a night I actually look like that (Helped by the juice!) instead of my amazing, beautiful, whining children fighting over who is watching another child open Eggs!!  Mama never got these curves from watching someone open chocolate!!!!

I tell the babysitter (My husband, who I still say is “babysitting” even though he is 50% stakeholder our kids!!) to make sure they get to bed at normal time but that’s like asking your kids grandparents to give them no haribo’s or chocolate – We know it’s not going to happen and shortly I’ll possibly even forget that tomorrow they’ll be crabbit…….because I am out with the girls.

We decide we really should quickly get the house before one of our children notice or touch my nice clean clothes as I rarely get to wear a “Nice outfit” that’s not got snot/Nutella/felt tip pen or holes in because I’ve just spend a fortune on my children’s winter wardrobe and can’t afford anything new! (besides the fact that I had a salad for lunch yesterday therefor I’ll be losing weight and refuse to buy at this size……cause I will need a size 10 soon…………………..obviously!!!)

We are getting the coach from Kilwinning and meet in the shop for a pre theatre cocktail prepared by John, WOW – the cocktails are fab and we try sneak John onto the Coach with us with all the bottles, but unfortunely for us he is staying in the shop booking some fabulous Cruises. Onto the coach and we’ve “baggsied” the back seats like a bunch of naughty school kids and barely by the time we’ve caught up. Dinner is booked, the coach drops us off for our pre theatre meal which is across from the Playhouse which I am glas of as it’s pouring and I spend a good 10 minutes doing my hair!!, I picked the Pate and the lasagne because it’s a well-known fact that when drank with wine calories & carbs are cancelled out?!!!!!

Run into the Playhouse and we actually bypass the Bar, …..I wouldn’t have thought so either but the bar was busy and I really dislike running to my seat last minute and being that person who everyone has to stand up for, and beside I was a smarty pants and downloaded the ATG App to my phone which has something called “Ordertorium” You pre order & pay with seat no. and they will deliver pre-show and during the Interval!

Lights dim around the Gallery with only the conductor lit up, and the Show opens!! The vibration of the music start and our night really begins, Drama, tears of sadness, tears of joy and giggling so much you wish you hadn’t had 2 natural births!!!!!!! I look at the group I am with and everyone is having a right good night, we haven’t stopped and every minute has been a worth the weeks we go without seeing each other as sometimes life takes over, and on the way back on the bus we are snapchatting and updating our facebook pages telling anyone that will give us a we like how good our night was and that we can’t wait till the next!!

I sneak back into the house and view the state of the kitchen and the toys everywhere, pour a huge glass of water to take to bed and sneak up stairs and look into the bedroom to looking at my perfect sleeping children and choosing to ignore the sugar meltdowns they will end up taking tomorrow and go to bed happy that I’ll wake up being Mum again but grateful that every now and then I get to get a real good girls night out!!

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