I don’t know about you but I always find the April school holidays the hardest few weeks to do things with the kids, I am not quite ready for a holiday………..,Yet I have 2 weeks to fill and with April weather always a hit or miss the garden and park days are few and far between So…Slime making, Playdoh and baking it is.

I jumped at the opportunity to go on the Thorne Experience day trip with my Kids (aged 4 & 7) – The day before the trip it rained nonstop and the mum in me was thinking about the wellies, the waterproofs and the change of clothes I would need to pack……However luck have it – the weather was forecast for dry with glimmers of sunshine! So along with our Coach snacks, I packed wellies and sunglasses as well as clean socks (which ended up being needed!)

We left outside Thorne Travel around 9.30am, the coach took just over 1hour 30min, with plenty of snack and games to play the kids were happy playing away and only asked “Are we there yet” in the last 10minutes! As we got off of the bus we changed the kids into their wellies and away to get our wrist bands for the day. We also bought some bags of feed for the animals.

We made the decision to eat when we got there, the coffee shop was lovely with a nice area to sit outside and watch the kids jumping on space hoppers playing away, but there was no time to sit and relax as the kids just wanted to get going and head into the farm to play.mabie farm park blog thorne experience ayrshire

The kids ran toward the jumping pillows and with boots off they jumped away for ages..not wanting to move away until we took them for a donkey ride, at £2 for a short ride the paddock it was a novelty experience, afterwards we went over to the hillside toboggan where the kids happily walked up the hill to ride down the tracks in the cart….Often we had to help! It was quite muddy at the top but after the days of rain it was expected. There was a small train ride a boating pond and other areas of the park the kids could have went to but instead it was back to the jumping pillow!! Were we played until we looked at our watch and realised we only had 15minutes before the coach left. A quick visit into the barn where we got to see all the spring animals, a giggle of the jumping goat and a pet of some rabbits and a new little lamb! We could have spent more time but it was time to head back onto the bus! The kids all said they had a great time and would love to go back, with the jumping pillow a huge hit I am sure they will enjoy the next trip to Heads of Ayr Farm park :

Top Tips!

  1. Pack for Scottish weather and bring wellies & waterproofs
  2. Pack Layers for kids as one minute they were happy in a t-shirt and the next jackets were needed
  3. Make sure you have coach snacks and plenty to go round, the kids were happy to have food on the coach and just spend time at the Farm Park playing
  4. Go with friends – the more the merrier