Terms and Conditions

The first named person on the booking (the “party leader”) must satisfy that he/she is authorised to make the booking on the basis of these booking conditions by all persons named on the booking and by their parent or guardian for all party members who are under 18 when the booking is made. By submitting the booking to us the party leader has confirmed that he/she is so authorised. The party leader is then responsible for making all payments due to Thorne Experience. The party leader must be at least 18 when the booking is made.


A low non-refundable deposit per person, per booking, is required at the time of booking, unless the booking is made within 8 weeks of when the arrangements are due to commence, in which case full payment is required at the time of booking.
The balance must be paid to us (where applicable) no less than 8 weeks before the arrangements are due to commence. If full payment is not received by the due date, we have the right to treat your booking as cancelled by you. In this case, the cancellation charges set out below will be payable.
Booking Confirmation Subject to the availability of your chosen arrangements and receipt of all applicable payments, we will confirm your booking by issuing a confirmation invoice. Please check this invoice carefully as soon as received. Please contact us immediately if any information which appears on the confirmation or any other document appears to be incorrect or incomplete as it may not be possible to make changes later.
Your contract A binding contract between us comes into existence when we despatch our confirmation invoice to the party leader. We both agree that English Law (and no other) will apply to your contract and to any dispute, claim or other matter of any description which arises between us (except as set out below). We both also agree that any dispute, claim or other matter of any description (and whether or not involving any personal injury) which arises between us must be dealt with by the Courts of England and Wales only unless, in the case of Court proceedings, you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland. In this case, proceedings must either be brought in the Courts of your home country or those of England and Wales. If proceedings are brought in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you may choose to have your contract and any dispute, claim or other matter of any description which arises between us governed by the law of Scotland/Northern Ireland as applicable (but if you do not so choose, English law will apply).

Special Requests

If you have any special request, you must advise us at the time of booking. Although we will endeavour to pass any reasonable requests on to the relevant supplier, we regret we cannot guarantee any request will be met. Confirmation that a special request has been noted or passed on to the supplier or the inclusion of the special request on your confirmation invoice or any other documentation is not confirmation that the request will be met. Unless and until specifically confirmed, all special requests are subject to availability. For your own protection, you should obtain confirmation in writing that a special request will be complied (where it is possible to give this) where it is important to you.
If you or any member of your party has any medical condition or disability which may affect your arrangements or has any special requirements as a result of any medical condition or disability (including any which affect the booking process), please tell us before you confirm your booking so that we can assist you in considering the suitability of the arrangements and/or making the booking. In any event, you must give us full details in writing at the time of booking and whenever any change in the condition or disability occurs. You must also promptly advise us if any medical condition or disability which may affect your arrangements develops after your booking has been confirmed. If we reasonably feel unable to properly accommodate the particular needs of the person concerned, we must reserve the right to decline their reservation or, if full details are not given at the time of booking or the condition / disability develops after booking, cancel when we become aware of these details.

Website Prices

Please note, changes and errors occasionally occur. You must check the price of your chosen arrangements at the time of booking. The prices on our website change from time to time due to movements in exchange rates and other factors. Subject to the correction of errors however we guarantee that the price quoted on your booking confirmation will not change unless you make an amendment to the booking details.

Issue of Tickets

Your tickets/vouchers Full instructions will be given with the ticket/voucher as to how they should be redeemed. This voucher must not be copied, resold, or duplicated and may only be used once. Misuse may result in confiscation of voucher or tickets.
Alterations and Cancellations by you If you wish to amend your booking once it has been confirmed please contact as soon as possible. Please note it may not always be possible to make amendments.
Where it is possible to do so an administration fee of £10 per amendment will be charged together with any costs incurred or imposed by any of our suppliers in making the change. An amended voucher (where applicable) will be issued to you. The original voucher will then become invalid and should be destroyed. No refunds will be payable if the original voucher and not the reissued one is redeemed at the attraction concerned.
If we have paid you a refund in respect of the amendment and you subsequently manage to use the original voucher you will be responsible for paying that refund back to us. To cancel a booking, please email gifts@thorneexperience.com. We will then issue you with a cancellation invoice. The cancellation will only take effect from the date that we issue our cancellation invoice. If you cancel your booking but then somehow manage to redeem the original voucher you will be responsible for reimbursing us for the full cost of the voucher. The cancellation charges set out below apply on cancellation. Where the cancellation charge is shown as a percentage, this is calculated on the basis of the total cost payable by the person(s) cancelling excluding amendment charges. Amendment charges are not refundable in the event of cancellation.


Cancellation at any time after the booking has been confirmed: 100% unless otherwise agreed.
All theatre, shows, performances and hotel packages. All gift experience products. Weddings, club passes, sports, sports matches & sporting venues (including Camp Nou) and shooting experiences. Warner Brothers (Harry Potter London tour), Buckingham Palace & Afternoon Tea, the Royal London tour, St Paul’s, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Wembley Stadium. All Blackpool Resort Passes. All Diggerland Parks.
All dolphin swims & experiences, all tours including Alcatraz, Egypt Scuba Diving, the Burj Khalifa, Yas Waterworld, Wild Wadi Waterpark and Chichen Itza Guided Tour with Light & Sound Show. Central Park tours & carriages, Las Vegas Transfers, Stripper 101, What Women Want Pass, all helicopter/plane and balloon flight experiences, plus 9/11 Memorial & Museum,THE RIDE Experience NYC, Wollman Ice Skating Rink NYC and all speciality cruises inc NYE and 4th July. All Nashville shows, tours & cruises.
Siam Park VIP Villas & Cabanas.
All other products

Raffle Prizes

No limit on the number of raffle tickets that you can purchase. Prizes are only valid for adults aged 18 or over. No cash or holiday alternative available for raffle prizes. Winner must be aged 18 or over and provide a contact number.

Alterations and Cancellations by us

In the unlikely event that your arrangements are significantly amended or cancelled by us before commencement and there is time to do so, we will offer you the choice of the following options (except with force majeure is evoked): (1) accept the change (for significant changes) or (2) purchase alternative comparable arrangements from us or (3) cancel your booking in which case you will receive a full refund of all monies that you have paid for your arrangements. The options set out above represent the full extent of our liability to you in the event of a significant change or cancellation of your arrangements.

Force Majeure

Except where otherwise expressly stated in these conditions we regret we cannot accept responsibility where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected or you otherwise suffer any loss, damage or expense of any nature as a result of “force majeure”. In these booking conditions, “force majeure” means any event which we or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include actual or threatened war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, pandemics, epidemics, fire and all similar events outside our control.
Complaints Should you have a problem or complaint, you must raise this at the time with the supplier/representative of the arrangement in question. This will enable most complaints to be resolved to your satisfaction there and then. If any complaint or problem is not resolved to your satisfaction by the supplier/the representative, you must contact us giving us full details and a contact number. Until we know about a complaint or problem, we cannot begin to resolve it. If you remain dissatisfied, however, you must write to us at the address below within [28 days] of the end of your arrangements giving your booking reference and full details of your complaint. Only the party leader should write to us. If you fail to follow this simple complaints procedure, right to claim any compensation you may otherwise have been entitled to may be affected or even lost as a result

Customer Services Department, 153, main Street Kilwinning. Ayrshire. Scotland KA136EQ or by emailing gifts@thorneexperience.com.

Our Liability to you

(1) Please note that for bookings of all arrangements other than accommodation our only contractual obligations to you in relation to those arrangements (other than those which are expressly set out in these conditions) are to take your booking in accordance with your instructions and provide you with a ticket or voucher to enable you to gain entry/access to the arrangement(s) in question (for example the theatre performance or attraction to which the ticket or voucher relates). We cannot accept any liability for the provision of the arrangements themselves which are provided by the suppliers of those arrangements or for the acts or omissions of the supplier(s) concerned or any of its employees, agents, suppliers or subcontractors. The terms and conditions of the supplier concerned will apply to the arrangement(s) in question. Copies of those terms and conditions are available on request.
Please note: subclauses (2) – (6) are all subject to sub clause (1) above.
(2) We promise to make sure that all arrangements we have agreed to make, perform or provide as applicable as part of our contract with you (including package bookings) are made, performed or provided with reasonable skill and care. Please note, it is your responsibility to show that reasonable skill and care has not been used if you wish to make a claim against us. In addition, we will only be responsible for what our employees, agents and suppliers do or do not do (where applicable) if they were at the time acting within the course of their employment (for employees) or carrying out work we had asked them to do (for agents and suppliers).
(3) We will not be responsible for any injury, illness, death, loss (for example loss of enjoyment), damage, expense, cost or other sum or claim of any description whatsoever which results from any of the following:
the act(s) and/or omission(s) of the person(s) affected or any member(s) of their party or
the act(s) and/or omission(s) of a third party not connected with the provision of your arrangements and which were unforeseeable or unavoidable or ‘force majeure’ as defined above
(4) Please note, we cannot accept responsibility for any services which do not form part of our contract. In addition, regardless of any wording used by us on our website, in any advertising material or elsewhere, we only promise to use reasonable skill and care as set out above and we do not have any greater or different liability to you.
(5) As set out in these booking conditions, we limit the maximum amount we may have to pay you for any claims you may make against us. For all other claims which do not involve death or personal injury our maximum liability if we are found to be at fault in connection with our contractual obligations to you is limited to twice the price of the booking in question (excluding amendment charges) paid by or on behalf of the person(s) affected in total. This maximum amount will only be payable where everything has gone wrong and you have not received any benefit at all from your arrangements.
(6) Please note, we cannot accept any liability for any damage, loss, expense or other sum(s) of any description (1) which on the basis of the information given to us by you concerning your booking prior to our accepting it, we could not have foreseen you would suffer or incur if we breached our contract with you or (2) which did not result from any breach of contract or other fault by ourselves or our employees or, where we are responsible for them, our suppliers. Additionally we cannot accept liability for any business losses.
Conditions of suppliers. Many of the services which make up your arrangements are provided by independent suppliers. Those suppliers provide these services in accordance with their own terms and conditions. Some of these terms and conditions may limit or exclude the supplier’s liability to you. Copies of the relevant parts of these terms and conditions (if any) are available on request from ourselves or the supplier concerned.
Tours & Excursions in Foreign Speaking Countries In some cases excursions may be conducted in a foreign language but an English interpretation will always be available.

Behaviour and damage

When you book with us, you accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you or any member of your party. Full payment for any such damage or loss (reasonably estimated if not precisely known) must be made direct to the accommodation owner or manager or other supplier or to us as soon as possible. If the actual cost of the loss or damage exceeds the amount paid where estimated, you must pay the difference once known. If the actual cost is less than the amount paid, the difference will be refunded. You will also be responsible for meeting any claims subsequently made against us and all costs incurred by us (including our own and the other party’s full legal costs) as a result of your actions. You should ensure you have appropriate travel insurance to protect you if this situation arises.
We expect all clients to have consideration for other people. If in our reasonable opinion or in the reasonable opinion of any other person in authority, you or any member of your party behaves in such a way as to cause or be likely to cause danger, upset or distress to any third party or damage to property, we are entitled, without prior notice, to terminate the holiday of the person(s) concerned. In this situation, the person(s) concerned will be required to leave the accommodation or other service. We will have no further responsibility toward such person(s) including any return travel arrangements. No refunds will be made and we will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination.
Website / advertising material accuracy The information contained on our website and in our other advertising material is believed correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of printing or publication. However, errors may occasionally occur and information may subsequently change. You must therefore ensure you check all details of your chosen arrangements (including the price) at the time of booking.
Insurance We consider adequate travel insurance to be essential. Please read your policy details carefully and take them with you on holiday. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance cover you purchase is suitable and adequate for your particular needs.

Edinburgh Playhouse Terms & Conditions

Booster seats Inflatable booster seats are available to buy at the venue.
It costs £5 per booster, which you can take home. They are £5 to hire or buy. If you return the seat at the end of the show you will get £4 back. Patrons can also bring their own cushions.

Babes In Arms and Children
Children under 5 will not be admitted to the venue except for family shows.
Babes in arms (children under 18 months) shall be admitted free of charge to those events they may attend (pre-school children’s shows only).
Children (aged 18 months – 15 years) shall require their own ticket which shall be at full ticket price if no child concessions are available at the time of booking.

Due to our licencing laws, all children under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Under 18’s will NOT be admitted to the building without an adult in their party.
Latecomers not guaranteed entry. If there is a suitable break in the performance they will be admitted but this may be during the interval.
Cloakroom: There are NO cloakroom facilities at the venue due to increased security measures.
Security and Bag Checks: Increased security measures and bag checks are in operation at all of our shows, so please arrive in plenty of time before the show begi